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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loire wine tours - Sancerre

      Loire valley is widely known for its castles such as Chenonceau and Chambord, it is also known for the kings and the histories. French people even gave it a nickname: the garden of kings. 

Amboise sur Loire

      But how about wine tours in Loire valley? Well there is a lot of things to do! From this week on, we will give you information about wine tours in Loire valley, So let's pack and go! 

      Today we are going to talk about wine tours in the Sancerre appellation. On our blog, we've got several articles about the wine itself and the terroir of Sancerre, but what about the landscapes?

well... let's have a look...

      Amaaaazing isn't it?! The wines of this appellation are near the Loire river, just imagine: The hills, the Loire river, the vineyards and the sunshine...... It offers the most beautiful landscapes of the region! 

      A little history...
      The Romans arrived with Baccus in France in the 1st century AD, and they planted the first grape vines. In the middle age, the region was linked to the Duchy of Burgundy, which introduced Pinot noir vines into this area. In the late 19th century, because of the phylloxera crisis, the region was covered with Sauvignon blanc because it grafted better onto the American rootstocks. In the late 1970s and 1980s, the wine of Sancerre became world wide famous, with the help of a wave of quality consiciousness.

      The Sancerre village is a midieval town situated on a hill surrounded by vineyards. In the village there is a wine center called "la Maison des Sancerre" with its beautiful view and impressive architecture. When you arrive at the village, it is the ideal place to discover everything about Sancerre wines.

    It will be easy to book tours of the vineyards and there are a lot of wineshops that offer wine tastings in charming small medieval towns. Just drive along the river and discover this amazing appellation. 

PS : don't forget to sit down in a cosy restaurant and order a glass of Sancerre and seafood, it's the perfect match. And don't forget to taste the goat cheese at the end of meal!

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