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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Domaine Bourillon Dorléans


     Domaine Bourillon Dorléans was founded by Gaston Dorléans in 1921. It has 26 hectares of vineyards and located on the best  Rochecorbon. For three generations, the family is working to perpetuate the traditional way and the quality of Vouvray wines with its own personalities, which is aging at an ideal temperature in cellars from the 15th century. This cellars is on of the most beautiful cellar in Touraine, you can see there are some pictures of this cellar below:

     Today with its reputation in the world, Domaine Bourillon Dorléans exports 65% of its sales abroad (Europe, Asia, Australia, America).


        All the 26 hectares of the vineyards witch lies on the terroir of Vouvray belongs only one varietal: Chenin. It has 30% of old vines, 60% of vines between 10 and 25 years, and 10% young vines that bloom on a field of clay-limestone and siliceous in nature. The owner cultivate the vines with full of respect of nature, witch ensures the production of optimum and consistent quality. They use the branches to the ground instead of chemical fertilizers, in order to do the rational control. What's more, they are reducing the yields to optimize the aromatic richness of wines.


     Domaine Bourillon Dorléans produces 120 000 bottles per year, for a yield of 45 hectoliters per hectare. 30% of the Harvest is manual. Fermentation with natural yeasts, the wines are aged in stainless steel tanks or barrels. The general assembly meets the typicality of wines from Domaine and the consumer found behind each wine the same spirit.

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