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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Centenary Sweet Wine beside Loire River

   After all the greatest dry white wines in loire, le us introduce you some really extraordinary sweet wines in loire.

    Just like the title said, The oldest noble rot wine can keep up to 100 years in loire! 

    The soil of Anjou appellation is typical dark schist. Meanwhile, in the appellations like Touraine, Vouvray and Montlouis, the vine are planted in the white limestone soil, named as “chalk”, the grand chateau at two sides of Loire valley are constructed by this kind of rock. In these regions, the white dry wine and high quality of sweet wine are well known all around the world.

    Botrytis cinerea for noble rot wine needs a special condition - both geographical and climatical: First of all it needs a river near the vineyard to insure the humidity in the morning and sunny in the afternoon in the period of October and November. With this kind of climate, this fungus will be well developed. In the Loire Valley, especially in Anjou, the condition is just perfect.

    The varietal - Chenin Blanc is ideal to making a noble rot wine, even with the over maturing, it guards its own acidity, and it combines with sugar to obtain the best condition to keep the wine.


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