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Monday, December 16, 2013

When Sancerre from Loire Valley is invited in Bordeaux Tasting!

    Maison Joseph Mellot is celebrating this year his 500 birthday. For Bordeaux Tasting, Maison Joseph Mellot presents his vintage “special 500 ans”, the packaging was realized by a design school in Paris.

     “We are lucky, because people from Bordeaux knows our wines and appreciate us. This is the first time in Bordeaux tasting, and it’s a good opportunity to show our wines and our job.” Said Corentin Chon, Maison Joseph Mellot. “I think it’s a good way to present white dry wines in red wine environnement, it’s also nice to discover white dry wines from Bordeaux”.
    When we go to their stand, it’s time to discover Sauvignon, from the historical place in Loire Valley. The size of the wine estate is 100 hectares, 50% of the vines are in appellation Sancerre in the east of the appellation. “We’ve got 25 hectares on flint, and it is the most beautiful terroir of the appellation.” Sauvignon is the king of varietal there. The result in the bottle depends of the vines orientation, the richness and minerality of the soil and the wine making process. In this special vintage we can find citrus fruit aromas and box tree. The freshness is explosive, with a special minerality. We can associate this wine with shellfishes with lemon. 

    They have also another vintage : “la Grande Châtelaine 2010” made in oak barrel but with light aromas of brioche. The aromas of fruit are really dense, we have candied citrus aromas. We can match this wine with Christmas dishes : lobster, scallop.

      It’s Christmas soon, and it was already Christmas in the Palais de la Bourse for Bordeaux Tasting.


  1. So far, I prefer Sancerre by Alphonse Mellot... I love their Cuvée Edmond :)
    Let's talk about wine :)

    1. I agree with you, all of their Cuvée are excellent. Cuvée 500 is very rare, it creates a new image of Sauvignon.