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Monday, December 9, 2013

When Sancerre invites Chinese scallop to dance

     As we know, Sancerre white wine matches extraordinarily well with lots of seafood, but could Chinese vapored scallops match with a mineral and gorgeous Sancerre? In order to find the answer, we prepared two different bottles of Sancerre to do a tasting test, one of which, the crisper, more mineral and more intense one, won the Médaille d’Or in the Paris wine competition.

      Sometimes people say that seafood is easy to cook. On the contrary, Chinese seafood is very difficult to prepare, because if it’s just slightly overcooked then all the flavor will be gone. In addition, good Chinese seafood must not only keep the original texture of food, but also absorb every flavor from traditional condiments. For instance, with this vapored scallops, we added some Douchi sauce to improve the flavors.

Let us tell you about the recipe

Recipe for Chinese vapored scallops


Don’t even read this recipe if you don’t have a steam cooker :)
  1. 12 great scallops (the bigger the better :D)
  2. 120g of garlic (about 2 bulbs of garlics)
  3. 100g of vermicelli
  4. Half or one red bell pepper(green bell pepper is good too, for the better look)
  5. 20ml of dry white wine (if you have “shaoxing”, a Chinese alcohol, it’s better)
  6. Douchi sauce (Soy sauce if you don’t have it)
  7. Salt and peanut oil
Let’s do it!
  1. Macerate vermicelli with four times the volume of water for 30 mins
  2. Wash the great scallops and open them with thin knives, if it is really hard for you, a safer and easier way, is to boil the water and give it a “bath” for 10 seconds, that will open it without cooking the scallop,”just open up, you kill joys“)
  3. Take off the scallops and macerate them with wine and salt for 30 mins
  4. While they are macerating, chop all garlic and red bell pepper (don’t mix them)
  5. Saute garlic and red bell pepper separately (so that your dish looks better in the end)
The next step is a little difficult to measure, because you have to separate all the ingredients equally in every shell, so let me tell you how to do it! Before the next step, to save time you can heat the steam cooker.
Just after steam :) here is a simple to show you how much ingredients you should put on the shell

  1. Put the ingredients in the shell in the following order: Vermicelli, scallop, garlic, red bell peppers, and a little bit of douchi sauce (i mean, really a little, like 5 drops, 8 tops)
  2. When the water in the steam cooker is boiling, put all the prepared shells in it, and cook them for 10 mins
  3. Serve them (careful, it burns!) and then bon appetit!!!

    When we did the matching of Food&Wine, we found that both of these two Sancerre matched very well with Chinese vapored scallops, Sauvignon’s freshness and high acidity can improve the taste of scallops, at the same time, a little Douchi sauce from scallops can make the wine smoother and softer. With the help of the mineral taste, we can feel a good relationship between the body of scallops and the structure of wine, that’s a very interesting matching. 

In the end, we give you some suggestions when you choose a bottle of Sancerre for your seafood:

1. the more mineral the better;
2. It shouldn’t be too fruity;
3. It can be very dry.

And last but not least, don’t forget to chill your Sancerre wine between 9-10°before you taste it. 


  1. Thank you for this great receipe ! We will ask our lovely grannies to prepare it for us during Christmas !

    1. It's our pleasure, and don't forget to keep the temperature for your tasting(9-10°). Marry Christmas!