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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A love letter to Sancerre

My love, the day that I tasted you, it was love at first sight.

     I was just sitting there, in the corner of a wine bar, not knowing what would come next. I didn't feel like having a Bordeaux or a Burgundy, I wanted something new, something different.

      Then the waiter came to my table and recommanded a glass of white Sancerre, a wine from Loire valley. I thought ‘why not?’. He then brought the gIass to me and that's how I met you.

      After the first sip,  I realized that from that moment on, I couldnt live without you. It’s hard to explain. Your colour, your flavour, your taste were incredible, so complex, so rich. You could match any kind of food, I knew that you would never let me down. Your pale straw yellow dress was glistening. Your  citrus and mineral scent allured me. Your liveliness seduced me. Your taste was well-balanced with intense flavours of peaches and gooseberries. Such a refreshing experience! You gave me everything I had ever expected from a white wine. You walked away but your scent was left floating in the air, all around me, I still had a pleasant crisp acidity taste in my mouth and I was left craving for more.

      I will never forget you, my love.
      From a wine amateur.

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